About Us and Our Mission

Gun Rights Are Civil Rights.

This is the online connector to people on the front lines of America’s struggle for freedom.  The U.S. was created with great thought and input that allowed for it to survive fads, personalities and time.

Unfortunately, every day there is a threat to that freedom by someone who thinks the US Constitution and State laws don’t apply.  The rights written in the US Constitution were put there to guarantee that the ordinary law-abiding citizen had the tools to protect themselves and live free.  It made America great because it trusted the people to govern itself.

The elite doesn’t like that and tries to prove that some people are not worthy of trust.  Some people need to be protected by their efforts.  And some people don’t even deserve freedom.  Anyone that takes away your gun is not your friend.

This site will highlight and share the soldiers, leaders, and activist still involved in the fight for the right to keep and bear arms.  It will highlight their work, and help you find them so you can see that until all of us are free, none of us are.


I am excited that you are considering sending me articles for our new online pro-rights magazine blog.

This is a community blog of freedom loving people that believe in the right to own firearms.

I am looking for original content (yours) that can enrich the reader whether a stranger to gun rights or a veteran in this community.

Hopefully, showing what is going on, what just happened, what we should do next, what we need to do, how we can improve, etc. The article should be 300-750 words, doesn’t require a lot of edits, accompanied by a picture of the author or that helps the article, a byline and fits into the category of gun rights.

If you contribute more than five times, I will add you to the blog/masthead and make you part of the family.

The goal is to make a living online paper that folk goes to learn, and or laugh from. And I reserve the right to edit or not publish.

Your submission has to be family-friendly, and something that a high school kid would want to quote for a paper on the Second Amendment. There are probably more standards I have missed but this is the gist of it. (smile) Thank you for considering writing for GRM. You can send your articles here.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard